While doing a new breather line fitment for an Audi A6, the mechanic noticed that the quick connect fastener on the pipe end could not latch onto the joint of the coolant reservoir tank.  The appearance of the Breather line appears to be exactly alike but the interior of the quick connect fastener protrudes longer thus interfering the fitment;  It didn’t take them long to realized that they had purchased a “FAKE Audi Part”


Upon examining the packaging, we noticed some irregularities as pointed out in the picture above. Wrong choice of Fonts,  text spacing irregularities and spelling mistakes are common signs of a Counterfeit product.

Think of the slipshod print manner of counterfeit parts manufacturer, what good can come out of the quality . They can easily come apart not long after fitment and damage adjacent parts to a larger degree.
Always Buy your parts with desecration of the price and the source of your seller.

Thank you for reading!

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