We are seeing high numbers of replacement for Stabilizer Links &  Anti Roll Bar & Bushes on different car makes.
The Urban acute Spiral multi storey carpark is one of the key culprit in stressing the Stabilizer Link and its Ball joints into failure.

Stabilizer link rods are  coupled to both the ends of the Anti-Roll Bar , its purpose as the name suggest; to reduce body roll  when the mass of  the car shifts dynamically in a cornering position.
When taking a corner, the vehicle’s sprung mass (Inertia) will lean  more on the outside of the turn,  thus the Stabilizer link and the anti roll bar transmit torsional force to bring the mass back to the inside  so that the inside tires stays firmly intact to the road.

While driving, the following signs may indicate a faulty stabilizer link:

  • Rattling and thumping noises on rough roads
  • Imprecise vehicle handling
  • Stronger inclination of the vehicle during cornering

Buy your parts from creditable sources such that the rods are of high steel strength & Ball Joints at the both ends of the stabilizer link meets the highest demands thus ensuring steady and  safe road holding & remember always replace the Stabilizer links in Pair.

Thank you for reading!

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