Broken Impulse/ Flywheel Speed Sensor

Do you know that a broken Impulse / Flywheel Speed sensor can signal off a vast symptoms to the characteristic of the engine & transmission .

A Sensor breaks when engine oil makes its way into the inside soaking the electrical parts within the sensor with oil. But before the complete failure take place, you will experience difficulty of re-igniting the Engine after having driven for a moment and while driving , the transmission revs higher before it move up the next gear, It progresses into Poor/ retard delivery of Torque during acceleration and in some cases you can feel the slamming of clutch movement with a loud bang in the gearbox.

A broken Speed Sensor can happen even at a mere 65,000 Km like this one below. Have your vehicle check and Sensor replaced when your car behaves in such manner even before the Check light appears.

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