Suspension system parts are quite necessary to keep your driving smooth. You will feel uncomfortable if you have a terrible car suspension system and suddenly a big speed breaker comes in your way that you have to cross. But, if you install all powerful suspension parts, then you don’t need to worry about any bumps or other problems and can drive with ease.

Let me tell you about the several suspension system parts


It is a little, but vital part in the suspension system. Bushing is made of artificial rubber that splits out in two steel parts. This artificial rubber helps both steel parts to work properly and easily. It also helps the suspension parts to move freely when a huge bump hits.

Control Arm:

This part has also another name which is a wishbone. The condition of this suspension part is practically triangular. It just looks like ‘A’, therefore sometimes it is known as the A-arm. There are two sides of Control Arm, one is connected on a steering knuckle with a ball joint, and the other side is connected to an arm pole with bushing.

Sway Bar:

Sway Bars are also very famous by another name called “stabilizer Bars”. A sway bar is employed in a car suspension system to decrease jerk caused by irregular highway surfaces. There is another job of this part is that it keeps a good hold over vehicle on the clear or poor road so the person whose driving can turn vehicle well and easily.

Ball Joint:

A ball joint is a sphere-shaped bearing. The work of this part is to connect the control arms and steering knuckles. This part is the in charge of safe procedure and the most essential part between suspension and steering. The only dissimilarity between  these and the standard ball joints is that the covered ball joints didn’t need lubricants because they’re already covered with lubricant, while standard ball joint parts need regular lubing otherwise it can lose control.

Idler Arms & Pitman Arms:

These parts rely upon the support of the steering linkage. The pitman arms are situated opposite to the Idler. The Pitman arm really helps to steer the steering wheel because one of its ends is mounted on the vehicle’s steering items.

The parts talked about here are just few parts of suspension system. You can discover a lot more small and big parts within the suspension system. Centre links, strut mounts, drag links, tie rod ends, and many others are also the part of auto suspension system and without knowing these parts you can’t be fully aware of the suspensions system.

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